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General Guidance

General Guidance

General information applicable to all entries.

Please read prior to completing your application form.

Examplar application form (Management award) downloadable below.



Innovation Award (2016 themed award)

Innovation Award (2016 themed award)

The Innovation Award recognises businesses, partnerships, collaborations or individuals within a business that have developed, innovative technologies, products, practices or services that bring environmental and business benefits. This category highlights the ability of businesses to promote sustainable consumption, reduce environmental impacts and create new business opportunities

The innovation could be a novel way of, for example, product design; change of a process to re-use waste, heat, energy, water; product re-use, repair and remanufacture; innovative business models; effective supply chain and cross-sectoral collaboration to reduce waste and/or use of raw materials. It may also include a collaborative approach with other organisations or within your own organisation.

The technology can be, but does not have to be, new or high tech. The application can utilise an existing technology and /or modification of an existing technology for a new product or service. Entrants’ product may have already been developed and in the marketplace, or it may still be in the development stage.


Management Award

Management Award

The Management Award recognises businesses with the strategic vision and management systems that enable them to continuously improve their contribution to Scotland’s sustainable development.

A business with a successful application will be able to demonstrate management systems that:

  • Have improved environmental performance through resource efficiency, staff and supply chain engagement etc.
  • Have achieved associated economic and social benefits, such as providing local employment opportunities, engagement with local schools, colleges, charities etc.

The environmental, economic, social and ethical aspects of sustainability must be clearly integrated into the organisation’s overall mission and all of its policies. There must be evidence of targets and indicators for monitoring and reporting performance. The organisation must also have mechanisms in place for addressing issues of wider corporate social responsibility, such as community involvement, employee rights and supply chain impacts.

Applicants for this award are placed in categories according to the size of the parent company. There are two awards:

  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME): < 250 employees
  • Large: > 250 employees.
Environmental Product or Service Award

Environmental Product or Service Award

The Environmental Product or Service Award recognises businesses that have developed, or are developing, a product or service that brings environmental and business benefits. This category highlights the ability of products and services to promote sustainable consumption, reduce environmental impacts and create new business opportunities.

Entrants should have considered the entire environmental lifecycle of their product or service, i.e. material extraction, production, distribution, use and disposal.

The product or service may be a new or modified design, or the innovative application of an existing one, that promotes more sustainable patterns of production and consumption. Entrants’ product or service may have already been developed and in the marketplace, or it may still be in the development stage.

Circular Economy Award

Circular Economy Award

The Circular Economy Award recognises businesses that can demonstrate a circular approach to material use and business function.

This category is aimed at businesses that can demonstrate how their product or services address the principles of the Circular Economy, which should include one or more of the following elements:

  • Circular product design and innovation
  • Product re-use, repair and remanufacturing
  • Innovative business models
  • Materials substitution
  • Effective supply chain and cross-sectoral collaboration
  • Re-use of waste, heat and energy.

A Circular Economy approach ensures that materials are retained within productive use, in a high value state, for as long as possible.  It focuses on reshaping business and economic systems so that waste is ‘designed out’ of how we live. 

Transport Award

Transport Award

The Transport award recognises businesses that have achieved a significant, measurable reduction in their environmental impact through the introduction of sustainable transport practices.

This could include all types of businesses that use vehicles in their day to day operations. The organisation should be able to demonstrate a reduction in transport-related fuel consumption and consequent CO2 emissions. This could be through:

  • Introducing a fuel efficient driving programme,
  • Purchasing electric or fuel efficient vehicles,
  • Fitting vehicles with telematics,
  • Setting up a cycle to work scheme,
  • Encouraging walking and public transport, installing technology that reduces the need to travel, such as conference call systems.
  • Any other initiatives that have been implemented to reduce your transport impact on the environment.
Green Teams Award

Green Teams Award

The Green Team Award rewards teams that have recognised the importance of working as a team to deliver environmental improvements. A green team can be within an organisation or between organisations.

This award can apply to organisations (public and private sector) or collaboration between different organisations to achieve efficiencies.

  • Successful green teams comprise people from different departments and levels of seniority. This helps to ensure that ideas are varied and dynamic.
  • A key attribute needed from green team members is enthusiasm.
  • Team members do not have to be ‘green.’ Indeed, those who understand the commercial imperative of resource efficiency can be powerful in motivating others to act who have similar attitudes.

Benefits that a green team can offer can include:

  • Cost savings – reducing costs associated with waste, energy and water;
  • Attracting and retaining talent – supplying transferable, in-office skills, improving employee morale and satisfaction, reducing staff absenteeism;
  • Influencing others at work and at home;
  • Customer expectations – strengthening brand and increasing market share;
  • Regulatory compliance – staying ahead of legislation;
  • Aligning practices with values – walking the talk; and
  • Sharing best practice – within the organisation and to a wider audience.
Hydro Nation Challenge Award (in conjunction with WaterAid)

Hydro Nation Challenge Award (in conjunction with WaterAid)

In keeping with the Hydro Nation Agenda, this challenge seeks increase awareness of WaterAid and encourage participants to consider the global WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) challenges faced.

The Hydro Nation Challenge is open to Scottish businesses, public sector and academia putting forward an idea or product based around WASH which is either currently being used within Scotland and/or an idea or product that can be adapted for use elsewhere, such as a WaterAid project in Zambia, to solve a real-life WASH problem.

Entries can take the form of either:

  • A technical challenge
  • A soft challenge such as a process, or WASH message

The finished product entries can take on the form of a technical drawing, scale model, or video demonstration. Should participants wish to enter using a non-product based idea (soft challenge) this can take the form of print media, video or web based interface or whichever platform best showcases the concept.

To apply, please send an email to and we will send you an Application pack.


Micro Business Award

Micro Business Award

An additional award for the best entry to any category from a company with less than 10 employees.

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