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EAEs demonstration of their environmental credentials has enabled them to win a significant new contract, worth around £60k per year. Not only is this considerable revenue for the company, it has also helped them to retain a key skilled member of staff on a permanent contract.

EAE Ltd is Scotland’s leading arts and tourism leaflet marketing company servicing over 5,000 display sites and 800 clients across Scotland. The company is clearly committed to environmental improvements, with production of a company environmental strategy first occurring in 2004/05 and an annual review and major improvements undertaken each year.

The Managing Director was recently named in the SSDF Scottish Green List 2010. He is a member of the Leadership Group of the May Day Network and the Tourism Innovation Group Sustainable Tourism Team.

Whilst there is a clear commitment from management, there is also effective bottom up involvement, with an effective suggestion and reward scheme in place for staff. Incentives are monetary and range from £5 for a suggestion, to £15 if an idea is taken forward and up to £100 for an idea that has considerable associated savings. Many of the staff suggestions have been taken forward and include:

  • Introduction of a baler for cardboard and plastics.
  • Uplift of cardboard/plastic from some customers at the end of delivery days when the vehicle is empty.
  • Electric vehicle.

Five staff within the business drive initiatives forward in addition to the management team.

EAE demonstrate strong evidence of engaging with their supply chain – both customers and suppliers – in relation to sustainability issues. The company aims to use suppliers with green credentials and provides advice to their clients on sustainable printing options. Clients who provide flyers on recycled paper are offered a 10% discount.

Transport was a large element of EAEs impact. They have successfully reduced this by encouraging public transport use and cycling for staff travelling to work. Around 40% of staff use public transport/cycling to travel to EAE. Fuel use of their vehicles has also been reduced through a variety of methods including investing in an electric vehicle, staff training in eco-driving techniques, satellite tracking software on their delivery vehicles, and use of public transport/bikes for maintaining city centre displays. This has resulted in fuel savings of 5,218 litres since 2005. Significant environmental and economic savings have also been achieved in relation to waste and energy. Increased recycling and the use of the baler have resulted in decreased general waste costs from £6,128 to £644 per annum. The company gain revenue for their baled cardboard and plastic of £15/tonne and £20/tonne respectively. Improving lighting, installing more efficient heating, implementing a switch off policy, and installing a wind turbine have resulted in gas and electricity savings that amount to almost £4,000. It is particularly encouraging that the company is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2015 by continuing to implement further measures and improvements, regardless of the payback period associated with them.

EAEs demonstration of their environmental credentials has enabled them to win a significant new contract, worth around £60k per year. Not only is this considerable revenue for the company, it has also helped them to retain a key skilled member of staff on a permanent contract.

The business is involved in local community activities such as allowing site visits from local schools, provision of sponsorship and in-kind support for various local charities and groups. They have provided rural employment opportunities for home workers in areas such as Ayrshire, Skye, Orkney and Argyll, with 12 home depots in total. EAE has been involved in a number of innovations which are unique to their sector including the development of an alternative fuel source for their vehicles, creating biobutanol from shredded waste paper. They were also the first company in their sector to use an electric delivery van.

EAE is a highly driven company, clearly committed to reaching their target of carbon neutrality by 2015. They have considered their environmental impacts extensively and sought to mitigate them effectively.

Glen Bennett, Managing Director of EAE said: “We are delighted to have won this award. It is important that the efforts of companies reducing carbon and creating sustainable employment are recognised and the VIBES Awards are a great way to do this.

Through our activities and profile our aim is to encourage, inspire and support others in the arts and tourism industries to become more sustainable. This award also highlights the growing importance of a green supply chain.

EAE aims to be carbon neutral by 2015 and we have implemented a growing number of measures to achieve this. As well as installing a wind turbine EAE operate an electric van and actively promote recycling and biodiversity. Since 2005 we have reduced the carbon footprint of our headquarters in Loanhead by 60%. The company also provides rural employment throughout Scotland – from Dumfries and Galloway to Orkney and Skye. We are recognised as an important part of the green supply chain to tourism and culture organisations throughout the country.

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