Enviroco Ltd

VIBES Award: Environmental and Clean Technology Award

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  • Certified ISO 14001 since 2000.  
  • Development of innovative tank-cleaning system (Eclipse), which is safer and produces less waste.
  •  requires one van and one LGV compared to two vans and two LGVs for the previous system
  • represents a 25% saving in vehicle usage
  • uses 22% less water in tank cleaning
  • reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill by 85%
  • reduces man-hours spent in a tank with high-pressure hoses by 70%
  • cleans tanks 50% faster than conventional methods, helping the company to clean more tanks in half the time, and its customers’ turn around on tank-cleaning is halved
  • Customers enjoy reduced disposal and haulage costs as a result of on-board recycling technology.

Enviroco Ltd is part of the ASCO Group Ltd. There are two sites in Scotland, three in England and four in Trinidad. There are 40 employees at the site in Peterhead, which was the site considered for this VIBES award.

The site’s main activity is waste transfer from ships; including hazardous wastes, liquid wastes, and general commercial and industrial wastes. The main customers serviced from the Peterhead site are oil and gas exploration companies operating in the North Sea.

Materials are identified, processed, stored and despatched from the site for final disposal or recycling. The Peterhead facility also has a water treatment plant that is used to treat dirty water from tank cleaning, interceptors and industrial sources.

Enviroco shows a clear commitment to enhancing its product offering and good environmental practice with the development of the Eclipse tank-cleaning system. The company has put a lot of research, time and effort into developing the technology. Research and development lasting two years has resulted in a self-contained, portable, tank-cleaning machine, reducing the footprint on the quay-side. It has a closed-loop recycling system that reduces the amount of water used by 22%; it is energy efficient and reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill by 85%. Eclipse reduces the need for man-entry to the system (by more than 70%), thus reducing the risks associated with using high water pressure in confined spaces.

Eclipse also uses a ‘Euro 3A’ engine, which, at the time of design, demonstrated the minimal emissions. Where the old system required two vans and two large goods vehicles (LGVs), Eclipse only requires one van, one LGV, and a hook-lift vehicle to deliver the unit to the quay side. Although data is still being collated, the amount of fuel used has decreased.

The VIBES judges felt that Enviroco demonstrated a forward-thinking, knowledgeable and innovative approach to its product, and were highly impressed with the performance of Eclipse. The judges were also impressed by how employees have been involved—from the initial design onwards.

The judges were really impressed by the way in which the company approaches the marketing of its product, and the fact that Enviroco has designed a product that will allow it to operate in industries beyond oil and gas, such as the petro-chemical industry, digesters, wet wells and any other industry that requires tank-cleaning. Currently, the company plans to build six more systems by the end of 2014 and hopes to break into the European market.

 The company should be commended for its foresight and commitment not only to the environment, but also to the safety of its staff. The company feels that its biggest asset is the employees. Enviroco Ltd is committed to developing its staff through a mentoring system, and a system for rotating skills in the organisation.

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