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VIBES Award: Micro Business Award

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  • The Active Edge Floating Ecosystem provides a durable floating riparian edge solution.
  • It can be retrofitted to hard-edge and heavily modified waterways to establish ecological balance, restore water quality and increase amenity value of the area.
  • Beneath the water surface, Dynamic Media columns and suspended roots promote establishment of biofilms that cleanse the water.
  • The floating system is strong and moveable
  • Currently installing system in Seattle (value £25K) and Chicago (value £17K) and future order for Philippines (value £70K)
  • Previous projects have seen reductions in the following:
    • up to 86% reduction in coliforms
    • 63% reduction in Biological Oxygen Demands
    • 50% reduction in Chemical Oxygen Demands
    • 45% reductions in Ammonia
    • 62% reductions in Phosphates

Biomatrix Water Solutions Ltd is an ecological engineering and design firm based in Morayshire. They employ four staff and specialise in ecological water systems, from floating landscapes and habitats, to advanced water treatment and water recycling systems. The Micro Business Award is an additional award for the best entry to any category.  It is open to businesses with less than 10 employees. Biomatrix Water applied for the Hydro Nation Award and while they were not successful in winning in that category, the VIBES judges felt that it was an excellent showcase for what a Micro Business can achieve.

The founding partners have over two decades of experience in designing and delivering ecological engineering projects for the treatment and recycling of municipal and industrial wastewater and bioremediation. Their design approach combines current best practice in modern wastewater treatment and process control with the latest developments in ecological engineering including active island reactors, floating islands and multi stage recirculating wetlands.

Biomatrix Water demonstrates a clear environmental commitment in the manufacture of their products which the judges found impressive in a company with four employees. The Company has ongoing projects in Brazil, the Philippines, Finland, USA and Scotland and has strong International examples of how their products have brought environmental developments and business benefits by improving water courses and other water bodies. Their products are also starting to be used to regenerate leisure areas and bring derelict areas back into use.

The environment is central to this company’s aims, having roots in the Findhorn Foundation and eco-village in Moray where sustainable values are expressed in the built environment. Biomatrix’s products are used to clean stagnant or polluted waterways worldwide.

Further, their products are all designed to provide an environmental benefit.  For example, the active island reactor has the most measurable impact on the water course, demonstrating a 63% Biological Oxygen Demands reduction shown insitu.  Water samples taken at the start of projects give baseline figures. Biomatrix Water’s floating edge ecosystems provide a ready to install modular system which transforms degraded waterways with hard steel or concrete edges, into vibrant living riverbanks to achieve an attractive waterscape aesthetic, improved water quality, biodiversity and habitat benefits. The products used in the manufacture of these systems have a minimum 25 years life and are recyclable.

The components are manufactured in Scotland when they cannot be manufactured near the installation site, providing employment and transport service needs. The company actively encourages local communities to help install their systems. The VIBES Judges were impressed by this partnership approach as it leads to involving local communities and encourages a shared ownership of the project. There is also huge economic benefit to the community actively maintaining the technology as it improves their living environment and supports their local economy as they can sell produce from the walkways, open up restaurants or cafes in the locale as the area regenerates and the waterways become cleaner, leading to a more pleasant place to live and work.

The VIBES Judges were also impressed by the innovative nature of the product. The modular system is easily adaptable to all shapes of water courses and bank edges. It is robust, simple and extremely easy to use with sustainable and recyclable materials used at all times. The infrastructure is built to last in extreme weathers and adjusts to river or canal depth fluctuations.

Biomatrix Water specialises in wastewater systems that are tailor made to benefit the environment that they are introduced to. Their floating ecosystems encourage growth of local flora and fauna populations. They systematically clean up the water course, the results of which can be easily measured from a base line figure. The VIBES Judges felt that the company is an excellent example of a Micro Business which has developed an innovative product which encompasses environmental benefits and supports economic regeneration.

Galen Fulford, managing director of Biomatrix Water said: “The team at Biomatrix Water are excited and honoured by our win at the VIBES Awards. As a Scottish company exporting water technology and expertise internationally to the USA, China, Brazil, the Philippines and beyond, we are delighted that the VIBES Awards recognises the importance of addressing water challenges at home as well as on a global scale.

Closer to home in Scotland, we have enjoyed working with Scottish Water on de-centralised low carbon ecological water treatment solutions, and with Scottish Canals on integrated storm water and flood alleviation solutions. We look forward to supporting the Hydro Nation agenda over the coming months, and we thank SEPA, Scottish Water, HIE, SDI and the VIBES Awards sponsors and organisers for an outstanding event this year.”

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