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Management (Large) Award

VIBES Award: Management (Large) Award

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  • £250k invested in environmental improvements since 2013.
  • Over 50 health, safety and environmental champions across 12 sites.
  • Targets are expressed as units per employee so can compare like with like as the company expands and takes on more employees.
  • Significant reductions achieved in electricity, gas and water consumption.
  • 24% reduction in electricity consumption since 2012. 26% reduction in gas consumption since 2013.
  • 21% Reduction in water usage since 2014.
  • 57% reduction in emissions from business travel.

Webhelp is a global leader in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), which specialises in customer experience and in addition the provision of payment management, sales and marketing services. The company is committed to delivering good environmental practices in all areas of the business and has been awarded accreditation for ISO 50001 and ISO 140001 along with ISO 180001, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.The company demonstrated excellent commitment to sustainability, providing significant reductions in resource use.

The VIBES Management Award recognises businesses whose management systems deliver continuous  improvement in environmental performance. The category is aimed at businesses that are taking a holistic approach to environmental improvement and can demonstrate the associated economic and social benefits that have been achieved.

Webhelp is to be commended for its commitment to integrating environmental considerations into an expanding modern services based business. It was clear that its people were involved in the decision making process and there was a strong buy-in for environmental projects at a boardroom level.

Savings have been achieved through instigating a number of initiatives, these include:

  • Installation of LED lighting and invertors on fan heating.
  • PC power management.
  • Comprehensive building management system.
  • Installation of motion sensors in men’s urinals has substantially cut water usage on site.
  • Significant reduction in business car miles through investment in video conferencing.
  • Controls on printing.

Webhelp has set a headline target of 10% reduction in kg/carbon/employee, with sub targets:

  • 10% reduction in electric kWh/employee,
  • 5% reduction in gas kWh/employee, and
  • 15% reduction in general waste (tonnes).

The judges were impressed with the Star Awards scheme, which is designed specifically to highlight and reward staff who get involved in projects such as charity work or undertake big achievements outside of work.

Environmental issues are communicated to employees through Green Ambassadors, team meetings, quarterly meetings, notice boards and the company intranet.

Webhelp is keen to share best practice and are a case study for Resource Efficient Scotland.

Richard Carr, Environmental & Contract Support Manager, Webhelp: “We are delighted to have been commended with such a prestigious award. We have been aware of the VIBES awards for a number of years; we were very proud to be shortlisted and to be commended means a great deal to the whole of Webhelp team in the UK. Congratulations to the other companies that were shortlisted - I would like to reach out to everyone here today with an offer to share best practice and collaborate; although we have achieved a great deal, I believe there is  much more to come.

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