Taylor Wimpey and C & D Associates

VIBES Award: Co-Operation

Sponsored by: Brand-Rex


  • The vision behind the partnership is one of enhancing the environment in such a way that is also good for business and the local economy
  • The partnership will produce greater understanding of source control SUDS, which has benefits relating to biodiversity, urban storm water management and flooding – providing treatment of water and attenuation.
  • The partnership will provide opportunities to promote sustainable infrastructure.

This is a partnership between Taylor Wimpey West Scotland, C & D Associates, Central Scotland Green Network Trust, the Scottish Government and Abertay University to create source control Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) technology to help control rainwater and promote green infrastructure at plot level.

The Co-Operation Award recognises businesses that are working in partnership with companies or organisations in the public, private or voluntary sector for environmental and financial gain. The practical demonstration of this commitment to partnership working makes them worthy winners of this category.

The innovative technique for storm water / flood risk management was designed in collaboration with Taylor Wimpey, C&D Associates and Abertay University. The product has been designed to be used in urban areas and can be sunk into the ground as well as retrofitted to buildings. Drainage in built up areas often involves large structures, this product offers a sustainable urban drainage system which operates on a small scale - within individual house plots. The vision is to move the impact of storm events closer to the point of contact with the ground with easily maintained SUDS units which can also, when constructed as a rain garden, provide an amenity to the house owner.

The judges were impressed with the combination of products to reduce the impacts of a one in 200 year storm to a minimum of a one in 30 year storm.

The transfer and sharing of knowledge between the partners, is leading to improved flood risk management understanding pollution prevention and control technology and biodiversity/amenity enhancement in housing areas. The rain gardens will improve biodiversity and enhance the appearance of gardens.  Back garden habitat features exemplify habitat and wildlife opportunities for householders to do within their own properties.

Research by C & D Associates, Taylor Wimpey and others has indicated that source control techniques can save a house building business money, by reducing the land-take for traditional flood risk management / SUDS features.

Taylor Wimpey has included the product in show homes to demonstrate the attractiveness and effectiveness of the technology.  The attractive appearance of the features enhances the local area and provides wildlife interest. The technology and partnership outputs constitute an educational resource for the house building industry, as well as for householders and visitors.

It has provided opportunities for CSGNT and the Scottish Government to promote and raise awareness of green infrastructure.

The partners share a common vision and commitment to the project and understand how they can best contribute to its success.

Stephen Andrew, technical director for Taylor Wimpey West Scotland, said: “We’re really delighted that our Torrance Park Water Project has secured such a high-profile award. It recognises the strength of the entire team that’s been working together for some time now, and it truly reflects the benefit of collaborative working where each organisation is using its expertise to create an innovative way to encourage greener gardens that will contribute to the wider green infrastructure.”

Neil Campbell and Brian D'Arcy, partners of C&D Associates LLP, said: “We are thrilled to have received a VIBES Award. At C&D Associates, our focus is on exploring new ideas to bring about practical solutions to hitherto intractable problems that in turn bring significant environmental and business opportunities to Scotland. We wish to thank the VIBES organisers, judges and sponsors for their vision, commitment and enthusiasm. VIBES is a very useful interface between environmental interests and business, creating opportunities to raise awareness of good practice and innovation.”

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