VIBES Award: Environmental Product or Service


  • Specialist, modular, potable water treatment solution constructed off site and brought on site when required.
  • Reduction in construction time, transport costs and waste on site.
  • Off-site construction delivers quality and cost benefits.
  • Modular treatment units are moveable and can be relocated and re-used.
  • Once installed, units are built to reduce running costs through energy efficiency measures such as low energy plant and insulation.
Sponsored by: SEPA
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Ross-Shire Engineering provide full 360 degree engineering support to corporate clients from 3D front-end product design, through the fabrication, assembly, testing, commissioning and load out of projects. Ross-Shire Engineering Limited has developed a specialist, modular potable drinking water treatment solution. These units are constructed off site and brought on site when required. This reduces construction time, transport costs and reduces waste on site. The units are also energy efficient when in operation.

The Environmental Product and Services Award recognises businesses that have developed, or are developing, a product or service. Successful entries should demonstrate how products and services can promote sustainable consumption, reduce environmental impacts and create new business opportunities.

The innovation is a modular water treatment product which allows for 90% of work to be completed at a purpose built workshop and 10% on site.

Modular construction removes the prolonged site works including vehicle, air or ferry travel and material deliveries to sites which are often remote. Chemical contact and chemical waste tanks are built into a separate lower module which cuts the physical plant footprint and removes most site civil works with benefits to site wildlife, flora and fauna. Modules are larch clad, or coloured to minimise visual impact.

Once installed, units are built to reduce running costs through energy efficiency measures such as low energy lighting and insulation. Remote telemetry and control technology also reduces need for maintenance visits once units are installed.

The judges were pleased to see the incorporation of sustainability within the production site including new modular construction workshop which incorporates solar panels for electricity generation, low energy lighting and closed loop water recycling. It was also identified that metal off cuts are minimised at design stage to reduce waste.

The units have brought significant business benefits demonstrated by a 59% increase in turnover and 114 new staff over the past year.

The company identified that the modular treatment solutions offer CAPEX savings to the client compared to traditional builds clearly demonstrating that cost savings are achieved at the design and civil works and as a result of reduced project timescale.

Jamie MacGregor, Director, Ross-Shire Engineering: “Ross-Shire Engineering are delighted that the environmental  benefits of our modular off -site fabrication programme have been recognised by the prestigious VIBES Awards.  Environmental excellence sits at the heart of our engineering innovation and this external recognition is a great  endorsement for our design and delivery teams alike