VIBES Award: Environmental Product or Service


  • Produce low power electronics to decrease the consumption of energy for storage of surveillance video data.
  • The product – COLDSTORE shows a 90% power saving from conventional IT industry solutions.
  • COLDSTORE units are specifically designed for long equipment lifetime and to greatly extend the useful life of the hard disk drive storage media.
  • Product return procedure allows obsolete products and materials to be recycled.
Sponsored by: SEPA
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Headquartered in Scotland and a recognised industry leader for over 10 years, Veracity develop storage, transmission and display products for the security surveillance market. An accredited ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 company, their products are energy efficient and energy-saving.Their products use significantly less power and materials than other products on the market.

The Environmental Product and Services Award recognises businesses that have developed, or are developing, a product or service. Successful entries should demonstrate how products and services can promote sustainable consumption, reduce environmental impacts and create new business opportunities.

Veracity is to be commended for their commitment to sustainability. It is an excellent example of a company that understands their responsibility for the whole life cycle of the product - putting product innovation, responsible manufacturing, long product lifespan and end of life processing at the heart of their strategy.

It was clear that the senior management team demonstrated a passionate commitment to reducing their environmental impact at the product development stage as well as taking control at a local level and through their distribution channels.

The judges were impressed with the range of products developed by the company which all have reduction in environmental impact as a main driver. COLDSTORE video storage units save over £1,000 p.a. in energy and consumable costs/unit and have a useful lifetime of 7 years or more (industry standard is 3yrs). Other products include HIGHWIRE, which allows digital CCTV cameras to be installed on coax cable originally used for old analogue cameras coax cable. The use of HIGHWIRE worldwide has already saved over 500 tonnes of copper, as new Ethernet cable is not required. Another product is TIMENET: a time synchronisation device for computer networks, which is up to fifteen times more power efficient than market equivalents.

The company’s products are specifically developed to reduce energy and resource consumption by using low power electronics, having a longer lifespan and avoiding the need to replace existing infrastructure.

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Alastair McLeod, Group CEO, Veracity UK Ltd: “COLDSTORE has won a number of awards for technical innovation, so we're delighted to see that its extreme green credentials have now been recognised too. We are very grateful to the Veracity team that developed COLDSTORE, the design of which is underpinned by three core values of the company: innovation, reliability and environmental awareness. Through extensive global distribution channels and international partners, our products are in daily use in over 50 countries around the world, ensuring that the work we do in Prestwick delivers real, quantifiable benefits to the environment worldwide.