VIBES Award: Sustainable & Active Travel


  • Sustainability advisory firm working with SME’s
  • Sustainable travel policy is an integral part of the EMS and fully supported by all staff
  • Support sustainable travel through;
    • Reimbursement for cycle mileage for business travel
    • Flexible working hours to accommodate travel requirements
    • Office pool bike and bike storage
    • Bicycle repair kits
    • Netwalking
    • Members of City Car Club
Sponsored by: Energy Saving Trust
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Beyond Green, based in Edinburgh, is dedicated to helping organisations become more sustainable. The company collaborate with stakeholders to achieve six key outcomes for SMEs; reduce costs from resource efficiency, control business risks, build reputation, generate clean energy, facilitate staff engagement, and create long-term strategies. They encourage Active Travel to work and to clients where possible.

The Sustainable and Active Travel award recognises businesses that have achieved a significant, measurable reduction in their environmental impact through the introduction of sustainable transport practices.

The judges were impressed with the passionate and commitment of the team to sustainable and active travel in the workplace. It was felt that Beyond Green had shared and influenced clients and other organisations to follow their example. The recording of travel was clear and the workplace challenge added a competition element into the activities. They were a worthy winner of the sustainable and active travel award.

Beyond Green’s sustainable travel policy is an integral part of the Environmental Management System and fully supported by all staff.

Staff active travel performances are recorded through Google Sheets and allows staff to set targets that are tailored to their work and travel patterns.

To encourage sustainable travel, Beyond Green provides a variety of support including:

  • Office pool bike and bike storage
  • Bicycle repair kits
  • Route Maps
  • New shower installed at office after encouraging their landlord to support active travel within the office building
  • Reimbursement for cycle mileage for business travel
  • Flexible working hours to accommodate travel requirements
  • Flexible working location to support remote work if required

Personal car use is kept to a minimum and if required, membership to Enterprise Car Club is provided to all employees giving the ability to hire a car for longer trips with electric vehicles being prioritised if available.

Individuals set personal targets then a team target is created which is matched to a route e.g.

  • 2016 - Target: 2,816 miles (Tour de France) Achieved: 3,924 miles (139%)
  • 2017 - Target: 3,967 miles (Scotland - India) Achieved 3,126 miles (79%)
  • 2018 - Target: 3,912 miles (West Highland Way, 40.7 laps) Achieved to date: 33.4 laps (82% success to date)

The challenge was initially designed for the company but was successfully ‘rolled out’ to other companies sharing the office building. This then led to a wider uptake of sustainable travel beyond the immediate company group. The judges was impressed by their use of a dashboard to track their travel and felt their practices are replicable to other companies.

Environmental, economic and social benefits identified compared to business as usual:

  • 2016: 0.39t CO2e, £ 1,766, 235,440 calories
  • 2017: 0.23t CO2e, £ 1,407, 203, 60 calories
  • 2018 to date: 0.1t CO2e, £ 438, 68,520 calories

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"We are delighted at Beyond Green to win a VIBES award for Sustainable and Active Travel as it highlights the commitment of the team and the values we hold. It is wonderful to see our continued efforts to create positive change be recognised by such a prestigious award." - Oliver Byrne, Beyond Green sustainability advisor