VIBES Award: Good Practice


  • Business mission is to reduce the environmental impacts of the fashion industry
  • Clothing rental delivers a circular economy model
  • Sustainability is considered across all aspects of the business
  • Strong commitment to social inclusion and promoting sustainable lifestyles
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Sìoda is a UK-wide online clothing subscription service, providing high-end everyday and occasion wear for women, to rent on a monthly basis. It includes free delivery and collection, as well as laundering and accidental damage insurance.

The fashion industry is recognised as one of the most polluting in the world, with impacts including water pollution, deforestation and biodiversity loss. The majority of this comes from the production of new clothing. Sioda has a business model that involves rental, keeping clothing in circulation far longer and reducing the need for more production.

Sioda consider all aspects of their business operation and have tried to reduce any potential environmental impacts. In order to achieve this, they:

  • operate from premises running on renewable energy, via solar panels and a renewable energy provider;
  • have a preowned-first procurement policy (e.g., 95% of stock, 100% of hangers and 75% of laundry equipment is second hand);
  • use eco-friendly consumables, including Smol, Clothes Doctor and Ecover, for laundry products, and recycled cardboard courier boxes from Davpack (all UK-manufactured);
  • actively prioritise waste prevention and reuse, with a garment lifecycle strategy that places repair and reuse first, and with recycling as the last resort;
  • selected a courier company ensuring as few additional road miles as possible are created by their business (Royal Mail - their extensive network means most routes are already serviced daily);
  • Are actively seeking eco-friendly reusable packaging alternatives and low emission courier alternatives, through FSB, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Sioda is also committed to developing a positive relationship with customers, supporting them to find more sustainable ways to live, beyond clothing rental. Post-pandemic plans include members events featuring inspiring speakers living low impact lives. This will be in addition to the existing Newsletter and social media content and their website’s sustainable living directory. They are also transitioning their stock to more prominently feature sustainable brands.

Social inclusion is important to the way that Sioda operates, and examples of their commitment include:

  • Donating more than 5% of 2021 revenue to Women's Aid Glasgow. 
  • Having a referral agreement with Funeral Link Dundee to lease clothing free to women struggling with funeral costs; also pursuing a similar arrangement with Women's Aid Stirling.  
  • Using an ethical bank (Cooperative) and committed to only using socially responsible pension providers.
  • Based in one of Stirling's most deprived villages, they are engaging with the community to consider how company profits can benefit the village.