VIBES Award: Vision in Business Scotland - Best New Business Award


  • Wind turbine blades are remarkable feats of engineering, decommissioned blades have an inherent value that can be realised.
  • Repurposed blades create shelters for Dundee’s electric vehicle charging hub, public infrastructure educating the community.
  • Establishing place-based localised supply chains close to site works.
  • Supporting the creation of circular jobs, skills and educational opportunities through working with a range of Scottish partners.
  • Have on-site blades handling methodologies that minimise particulate contamination. 
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ReBlade, a company that is making significant strides in sustainable wind turbine blade decommissioning and circular economy practices: 

As a purpose-driven start-up founded in 2021, is at the forefront of revolutionising wind farm decommissioning. The company founders bring 30 years of combined professional experience in the renewable energy sector and have developed an innovative approach to address critical industry challenges. 

ReBlade has identified a crucial gap in the circular economy, reusing wind turbine components. Traditional practices often lead to destructive handling and landfilling of turbine blades and associated by-products. ReBlade’s mission is to change this narrative by recycling these assets at the end of their useful life.

To date, ReBlade has diverted over 100 tonnes of material from landfills. By repurposing turbine components, they contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future. The company's commitment extends beyond environmental impact. By undertaking sustainable decommissioning, they are also creating green jobs within Scotland, supporting the transition to a net-zero economy. The company sees the need to continually evolve. Its environmental innovation projects focus on improving efficiency in on-site blade handling and reducing carbon emissions.

ReBlade partners with major players in the energy sector, including SSE Energy Solutions, Fred Olsen Renewables, and EDF. Together, they demonstrate responsible turbine blade waste disposal practices. 

ReBlade’s circular principles, dedication to fair work, and commitment to responsible decommissioning position them as a beacon of sustainability in the green energy sector. As Scotland strives for a just transition and net-zero future, ReBlade’s impact resonates far beyond its immediate operations. 

ReBlade’s journey exemplifies how purpose-driven companies can drive positive change while contributing to a greener, more resilient world.

“We are thrilled to have won the VIBES Just Transition Scotland Award. We are passionate about delivering our work in a fair and inclusive way to build more resilient and more equal Scotland. The VIBES Awards are an important way of bringing this critical issue to the wider business community and a great seal of approval for our commitment to net zero.” Fiona Lindsay, Managing Director, ReBlade.

The Vision in Business Scotland Award recognises organisations that best demonstrate “what’s good for the 
environment is also good for business.” This subcategory is for Best New Business (Registered with Companies 
House and trading for less than 2 years).