VIBES Award: Micro Business


  • The Lobster Pod uses only 400 litres of water per tonne of shellfish compared to traditional transport systems which use 2-4 tonnes of seawater per tonne of shellfish.
  • Decreases transport costs per unit due to reduction in weight of transport water.
  • Significant reduction in waste water discharge at destination point.
  • Increase in survival rate of shellfish during transit of up to 99%.
  • The water in the Lobster Pod only requires partial water changes (about 20% change every month) compared to daily water changes of 20-100% in other systems.
Sponsored by: EMEC
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Based in Dalgety Bay, The Lobster Pod is an innovative, patent pending live shellfish storage and transportation system. It has been scientifically proven to increase survival to over 99% from an industry average of 85%, saving waste and helping create sustainable fisheries. The quality of the shellfish is improved by utilising a unique controlled atmosphere system which creates the optimum conditions for lobster, crab, langoustine and other shellfish species.

The Micro Business Award is open to businesses with less than 10 employees, the VIBES judges considered that the product was highly innovative and had great potential to offer clear environmental and economic benefits to a wide range of customers in the shellfish supply chain. The Best Micro Business Award was presented to Lobster Pod on the strength of this potential.

Lobster Pod was designed to improve animal welfare and therefore to reduce losses of live shellfish during transit. This has resulted in an increase in survival rate of up to 99%.

This new technology achieves significant reduction in water during transport mode and removes the need for dumping the water at delivery avoiding the risk of pollution, waste and transfer of invasive species. Reduced weight saves fuel and carbon emissions enabling Lobster Pod to perform better than traditional transport methods.

There is a clear commitment to create a successful business that will internationalise. It has already been able to create two new full time positions and plans to create further employment within the local area as well as supporting Scottish based companies for manufacturing of the product

The company has a clear commitment to R&D, showroom is being planned which will help showcase Lobster Pod and any other products it develops to improve the shellfish industry. The company is already seeking collaborations with others and looking to new applications for its product.

Lobster Pod Ltd also offers clients other innovative approaches/technology through its associated company, Todd Fisheries Technology which has developed filtration systems and chilling technology which can help clients minimise energy consumption through its use of gravity, energy efficient recirculation pumps, water re-cycling and purification systems. All of which provide more sustainable solutions by being more energy efficient than other technology commonly used within the industry.

There is a genuine commitment and belief from the company to long term sustainable growth of this product with ambitions to revolutionise standard practice within the shellfish industry for transporting and storing shellfish.

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Errin Todd, co-founder of Lobster Pod, said: “Lobster Pod is an innovative live shellfish storage and transportation system. We are delighted to have won the Best Micro Business VIBES Award which celebrates our aims of enhancing fisheries and helping to create a more sustainable supply chain for shellfish. Best Fishes to all of our customers and supporters at Scottish Edge, Business Gateway Fife and Scottish Enterprise.”