VIBES Award: Small Business Scotland


  • Clients lighting reduced costs by as much as 80%, with a ROI of 2 years or less.
  • Have saved businesses well over 12,500 tons of CO2 emissions.
  • On target to divert 20,000 units (60) tones of ‘waste’ luminaries from recycling per year by 2025.
  • Remanufacture services support the customer transition from a traditional linear model to a circular one – enabling the provision of luminaires which are continuously in line with an equivalent new product, for up to 25 years.
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EGG Lighting are commercial lighting suppliers and electrical installers based in Glasgow. They develop future proof and sustainable lighting systems, designed around the unique requirements of their clients. 2022 has seen them pioneer the process of luminaire remanufacture. This circular lighting model promises to optimise the energy and material efficiency of UK businesses.

The company ethos is that “waste” is a resource and have an inhouse remanufacturing department Remanufacturing removes materials from the waste stream and creates new products with lower embedded carbon. Staff are fully aware that remanufacture is a core business output, through staff training and consistent reinforcement through company talking points. They have a small team dedicated to the research and development of the remanufacturing side of the business. They are at the forefront of this approach to sustainable lighting systems and have led on the testing methods and standards required to ensure that remanufactured systems have the confidence of customers. (CE Mark for remanufactured goods). Their business model is showing steady economic growth and they are attracting interest from a wide range and size of customer who are interested in reducing their own carbon footprint.

This is an additional award for the best entry in any category from a company with less than 50 employees.

The judges were impressed by how the company is leading the industry by sharing best practice, establishing industry standards and contributing to research. EGG Lighting publish good practice studies on their website, with details of cost and environmental benefits, including Zero Waste Scotland case study, Glasgow chamber of commerce, Circular Glasgow article and guest blog. They have published a free whitepaper ‘Justification of remanufacture within the lighting industry’ and are named contributors to a range of industry initiatives standards. The MD is a Circular Glasgow ambassador.

The judges all reported that, for a small company, EGG Lighting have a remarkable commitment to research and design. Quality assurance, through rigorous testing to industry standards, has made remanufactured lighting fixtures more acceptable to their customers, growing this side of the business.

In light of all the fantastic initiatives that are being developed around sustainability in Scotland, to be recognised by VIBES for winning in the Small Business Scotland category is truly an award of distinction. Congratulations to the team for this success and to all the other winners and finalists for all your hard work and commitment - Thank you.” Brian O’Reilly, Director