VIBES Award: Product or Service Scotland


  • Working with corporate customer employees, Housing Association tenants and individual homeowners, to improve the energy efficiencies in their homes. ThermaFY provide a home energy efficiency survey using thermal imaging software. The results are delivered through a Home Improvements app to start homeowners on their journey to a Net Zero home.
  • For each recommendation, the app supports customers to take action with access to relevant products and suppliers, as well as grants and funding where available.
  • The app then acts as an ongoing tracker highlighting new products, tips, and behaviours to support everyone to reduce their energy consumption.
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ThermaFY Eco, based in Kelso, are a thermal analysis software and data company. ThermaFY identify ways to maximise energy efficiency of homes, reducing carbon emissions and excessive use of energy. Around 20% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from homes and yet 80% of heating systems are working inefficiently. ThermaFY aims to address this challenge by establishing long-term relationships with customers and provide impartial advice, on how to take impactful action on reducing energy costs and carbon emissions at home.

ThermaFY Eco won the Produce or Service Scotland award for their unique thermal analysis software and the collaborative way they use this software and work with homeowners to identify personalised steps towards more efficient homes with the duel benefit of economic savings and reduced carbon footprint.

The Product/Service Scotland Award recognises businesses that have developed, or are developing, a product or service which delivers environmental benefits.

ThermaFY collect data for Corporate customer employees, Housing Associations tenants and individual homeowners, and consolidate into a single report, allowing them to track their overall progress against their Net Zero targets.

This consolidated report measures the collective impact of employees’ and tenants’ homes and identifies the support required and carbon saving actions for the organisation to continually improve over time.

ThermaFY Eco can also create online local "hubs" of customers at a community level - enabling business or even small settlements to demonstrate NetZero commitments.

The ripple effect of working with trusted partners and subcontractors will also result in employment and revenue generation throughout the wider supply chain. This technological solution is a powerful model driving net zero-focused innovation and deployment to meet the needs of the domestic housing stock across the UK and into Europe.

The Judges were impressed by the company’s willingness to make their technology accessible for all.

“ThermaFY are thrilled to be the winner of this year’s VIBES 2022 Scottish Environment Business Award for Product or Service Scotland. We are proud to support our communities across Scotland, helping people reduce their energy bills and working towards a Net Zero home. It also recognises all the hard work our fantastic team of passionate individuals have done to develop an incredible product to bridge the gap between energy efficiency and affordability.” Amanda Pickford – Founder