25 April 2024

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As there is one month left to apply for VIBES2024, we explore the 10 key points which make a winning application.

1- Check eligibility and selected category  

Check the guidance, especially the terms and conditions to ensure that your organisation is eligible. It is recommended to apply to all categories relevant to your organisation. This will increase your chances of being selected for the next stage.

2- Correct contact details

Check the name, email address and business name are correct. Please ensure that the main contact details will be available for all stages of the judging process. Numerous times we had contact details of an employee who left the company and did not let us know who the replacement contact will be.

3- Present your business to a stranger

Judges will base their decision on the information provided in the application form, for that category. They will not use information from other categories. They will also not use information you think they might already know about your organisation.

4- What are your key achievements?

Compliance is the bare minimum. You need to highlight your key achievements, what makes you stand out, what makes you different against others. Achievements can be environmental, economic or social.

5- Quantitative data

Provide quantitative data per unit. For example, how much energy is used per bottle of whisky produced. We usually look for water, energy, materials consumption and emissions.

6- Qualitative data

We would like to know what the baseline is. What are your targets and how do you monitor them. How is your product or service different from others, did you benchmark your business against others in your sector?

7- Concise information about your business

Do not include generic facts which are not relevant to your business such as “Scotland’s target is to have zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045.” Tell us your business’ net zero target.

8- Effective information

Write in plain English and accessible to someone who is not in your field of expertise.

9- No procrastination

Do not wait until the last day to complete your application form. We are looking for varied information which you might need to speak to colleagues to have the overall view.

10- Information you might want to include

Here is a non-exhaustive list of topics you might want to raise in your application:


Applications close on 31 May 2024, 5pm. Apply now

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